Wednesday, 13 May 2015

THE ONTARIO FISHERIES ACT circa 1887 ...Extract

Extract from : The Ontario Fisheries Act  circa 1887


The Commissioner may authorize to be set apart,  and to be leased,  any waters for natural or artificial propagation of fish,  and any person who wilfully destroys or injurs any place so set apart or used for the propagation of fish,  or fishes therein without written permission from a Fishery Overseer,  or from the lessee or licensee thereof,  or uses therein any fishing light or other like implement for fishing,  during the period for which such waters are so set apart,  shall for every such offence incur and pay a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars,  with costs of prosecution,  and in default of immediate payment of such fine and costs,  shall be imprisoned in the common gaol of the county wherein the offence was committed,  for a period not exceeding three months.

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