Friday, 26 August 2016

Nipigon Historical Museum Displays, 2016

Welcome to Nipigon Historical Museum, 2016.
The ever popular Beardmore Relics replicas.
The wildlife display with the Canadian Lynx the centre attraction.
Looking over the Archaeology cases to the Logging Industry.
Paddle carving by Bob Bearman; tikanogan; Military memorabilia;
 modern photo of Nipigon marina, by Art by Art.
Another view of Paddle carving, and cedar strip canoe.
Hudson's Bay Company sign on wall.
The Heritage Fishing Gallery
showcasing the World Record Brook Trout caught in 1915,
The Nipigon River
Before and After the Dams
Assorted replicas of the World Record Brook Trout of 1915.
 Record never broken in over one hundred years and counting.
Painting of historic Virgin Falls on the Nipigon River.
Now under water from Pine Portage Dam construction of 1950.
The "Sitting Room" with Woodland artist Isadore Wadow's "Fish".
Central to this is the hair-curling machine, popular in the 1940's and 1950's.
The Hudson's Bay Company sign
 on the Front Street store from about 1935 to 1982.
The Hudson's Bay Company business itself
 existed first at the waterfront and them moved to Front Street.
1859 - 1987 (its Nipigon Years)
A school desk with a pencil sharpener.

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